Pian delle Fontane 

We established our business in the 80s as a dairy farm raising goats of the Orobica breed During the following years, the reconstruction of the existing mountain huts and the building of the new barn enabled us to start raising also cattle and horses. The opportunity to broaden our capabilities came with the opening of the forest enterprise, in 2000, which permitted a work continuity both within and outside our farm in harmony with the pace of proper farming activities,
which are typically limited to the summertime.
In the last few years, the needs of the market spurred us to develop an accommodation in the farm, which surfaced almost spontaneously thanks to the favorable location of our farm along the Traversata Bassa and the beautiful surrounding meadows and pastureland ideal for easy walks: in accordance with the natural environment surrounding our farm and aiming at the continuity of life in the Alps and at the preservation of its rural peculiarities through the investment of the necessary resources for its development and our competitiveness.
We would like to emphasize the fact that the motivation in our work comes from the unconditional love for the mountains and the outdoors, the desire of innovation and a certain liking for the kind of solitude and silence dear to those who, once they have reached the mountain top, would never go back to the valley.