Cattle Breeding

We have been raising cattle for 20 years with paying particular attention to quality, physical characteristics, quantity of fat and palatability. Resistance to disease, its adaptability to mountain pasture and its rusticity are the main reasons we chose to breed this animal.

The “Piemontese” and the “Bionda d’Aquitania” are the two breed that responded very well to our needs. Tender meats with a low cholesterol content are suitable for consumers who do not want to give up animal proteins and at the same time be sure of their low fat content.

Our animals spend the winter months in the stable, on free-standing straw bedding, divided into boxes based on gender and age. The diet in these months consists of fodder, integrated feed and corn flour, in order not to make them lack of all the necessary nutritional supplies.

We butcher the cattle on a monthly basis from October to May and the meat is delivered sectioned and ready for consumption or freezing.

The butcher is made exclusively after booking and it is our care to work it according to the customer’s instructions.

The meat will be collected on the date previously established at our meeting point in Lecco. Based on the quantities ordered, it is also possible to have home delivery.