Horse breeding

Horses have always been an added value for the company: no one adapts better than them to all grazing seasons with great practicality. They could stay outdoors all year round  if it didn’t snow.
Rustic, agile and stubborn, they climb without problems on the slopes of the pastures, cleaning all the stable lawn areas.

The “Haflinger”: this breed is widespread throughout the country and its origin is officially dated back to 1874, in Tyrol, the region from which its officially recognized progenitor comes.
This horse, with great adaptability, disease resistance and good temperament had its use as a light shot.
It was widely used in agriculture and was a companion of the mule during the Great War.

For some years its characteristics and its morphology, in order to safeguard the increase in breeding, have been lightened and refined, bringing this breed closer to saddle horses: its champions participate in horse competitions and are excellent pleasure horses.

Our mares are registered in the Herd Book officially established in the seventies, which set the breed standards.