Our Farm is registered in the Lombardy Region Register of Forestry companies under no.187.
As a company we deal with forestry works in public and private sectors.
Its main activities include renewal cuts, planting in extra-urban areas, forest improvements, the elimination of invasive species, the creation of wetlands to increase native flora and fauna.
The works, mostly aimed at reconstructing and preserving important green lungs often located close to urban centers from abandonment, include maintenance over time of trees. Together with properly wooded works, we also deal with naturalistic engineering interventions and the construction of infrastructures belonging to the forest environment.

Realization of structural works in the forestry sector

Watering puddles, wet areas, forest roads, artifacts and paths are realizations in support of forestry interventions or new plantings.

Forest Requalification works and environmental arrangement

Works are based on the client’s project and primarily involve the redevelopment of aged or abandoned forest areas, through the felling of sick or invasive trees and the creation of new woods.

Natural Engineering

The naturalistic engineering works are aimed at the consolidation of slopes affected by erosive phenomena, from the safety or restoration of riverbeds, canals or canalizations of rainwater and spring waters.

Selling work wood and wood materials for energy use

The woody material resulting from the cutting operations is cleared and marketed, destined for different use in relation to its quality.